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About SRiYolanda Zigarmi Martin
is the founder of  SRi. She has been actively involved with spiritual work/play since birth. SRi is a natural expression of  Yolanda’s years of spiritual study and experience, and she joyfully offers it in the belief that in this HERE … in this NOW … we are creating possibilities for wakefulness within each other. Many of her life experiences are chronicled in her book, Gifts – Remembering the Now, offered here as a free download.

An author and lecturer, Yolanda enjoys teaching, speaking and conducting workshops.  She is a spiritual resourcer (connecting people with spiritual guidance, studies, and healing techniques; Quantum Healing practitioner) and a Certified ReUnion Process facilitator trained by its creator, Peter Scupham. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Sam and their two Siamese cats: Rupert, The Reckless, and Oscar, The Wild.

For ReUnion Process Sessions and/or Resourcing visit:
www.innerspeaks.com to read about and schedule appointments.

To contact Yolanda: email to: yolandareunion@gmail.com yolandareunion@gmail.com


A word about our logo:

The S represents our true identity as Spirit with the two color DNA strand representing the ‘end process’ of our dual existence. Heaven on Earth happens when we integrate our physical/material self (the darker DNA strand) with our individual/spiritual being (the lighter DNA strand).

The basic tenet of spiritualresources.info is Oneness. Everything springs from the same Source. We think of it as spiritual DNA. It is the basic substance of all life, individually expressed as our unique self. Remembering and activating the highest levels of that spiritual DNA is the gift we offer each other.

All on the planet are moving toward spiritual union … that is a given. How we choose to move is up to us. Finding information and connecting with people of ‘like awareness’ can help us recognize the order that is forming in what may appear to be a chaotic time for humanity. Spiritualresources.info is not a personal site so much as a resource place, a spiritual meeting place offering comfort in the knowledge that there are hundreds of people having similar feelings and similar experiences. It's not that misery loves company, it’s that spiritual company can dispel the loneliness of perceived misery … allowing us to be aware of the ever present Grace in our lives.


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