SRi Dictionary

A level of divine consciousness; the awareness beyond personal self where pure, unconditional love maintains and sustains one’s life; a state of divine inclusion and compassion.

In this context, Jesus Christ may be considered as: Jesus, the man who has attained the awareness level of the Christ and lives his life accordingly.

Dimension: A somewhat arbitrary delineation used for the sake of understanding; a term used to identify levels of planes of existence; it represents degrees of vibrations and how that vibratory energy presents itself. For example, a visible dimension, such as our three-dimensional plane of existence, vibrates at  a slower, denser rate than the spiritual dimensions whose vibrations are so fine and rapid they are invisible.

Father:  The dynamic energetic frequency of divine/spiritual outflow; that which activates and shapes; the masculine quality of the divine/spiritual ONENESS of life; the energy that ‘responds’ to a prayer; hence many prayers begin with or include ‘Father.’

In this context, ‘Our Father, which art in heaven’ could be translated as: ‘That divine dynamic energy which is within the I of my being.’

Flash Thoughts:  Things that pop into our heads for rapid and relevant consideration; differing from thoughts in general by their ability to shift consciousness into expanded viewpoints.

Frequency:  The number of vibrations or cycles per unit of time; (For example,  in humans, sound is a transmitted vibration composed of frequencies detected by the ears.)

God:  That which is all-present, all-knowing, all-powerful; the only substance; that which is nameless; the pure frequency of love. AKA: One Self; Infinite Invisible; Divine Principle; Source; The All.

Infinite Possibilities:  Infinite – lacking limits or bounds; extending beyond measure or comprehension; endless; immeasurable. Possibilities – something that is possible [can be; capable of existing]. Infinite Possibilities – your ability to trust that whatever you can envision, conceive or comprehend, the universe can offer to you in a perfection your finite thought could never have imagined.

Metanoia:  Like petals on a flower, various viewpoints of a truth can directly surround and, by being considered together, reveal that truth where they all meet (root of democracy).

Milky Way:  The Galaxy in which we live. It is a spiral-shaped galaxy that contains about 200 billion stars, including our Sun. It is about 100,000 light-years across and about 10,000 light-years thick.

Morphic Field:  (Morphic: having a form or shape); a term introduced by Rupert Sheldrake to describe a unit of energy within and around a form which characterizes its structure and patterns of activity. This field can be added to and influenced by morphic resonance

Morphic Resonance:  (Resonance: a matched frequency of energy between two systems); a term introduced by Rupert Sheldrake to describe how similar forms can vibrate energetically in sympathy with each other and add to the content of a compatible energy field (morphic field). This ‘meeting in sympathy’ helps to stabilize and expand a morphic field. 

Principle:  The ultimate, source, origin, or cause of something; a fundamental truth, law, doctrine or motivating force upon which others are based.

Soul:  Used on this site to represent a person's immortality in a single lifetime.

Vibration:  The act of vibrating; rapid motion back and forth; oscillation. Slang: a distinctive emotional aura or atmosphere regarded as being instinctively sensed or experienced.

Zero Point:  The point of perfect balance, where positive and negative meet; 'no charge' zone.

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