Why donate?

All on the planet are moving toward spiritual union … that is a given. How we choose to move is up to us. Finding information and connecting with people of ‘like awareness’ can help us recognize the order that is forming in what may appear to be a chaotic time for humanity. Spiritualresources.info is not a personal site so much as a resource place, a spiritual meeting place offering comfort in the knowledge that there are hundreds of people having similar feelings and similar experiences. It's not that misery loves company, it’s that spiritual company can dispel the loneliness of perceived misery … allowing us to be aware of the ever present Grace in our lives.

Through donations, SRi will ‘grow’ its self-teaching section, offering graphic explanations of ways to look at the process of transformation. There will be audios to calm those moments of inner panic and visuals to expand the brilliance just waiting to spill out and embrace a world in change.

Because our vision is organic, spiritualresources.info will grow exponentially with your participation in spreading the word to anyone you feel would be interested in our offerings, by sharing your own experiences, gifts and talents, and with your donations.

Thank you for donating to spiritualresources.info.

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