The Seven Hermetic Principles (Laws), Part II


The second Principle as stated from The Kybalion by Three Initiates


“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

How to discern the indiscernible? Where and how would we begin to find answers for things that seem beyond our ken? And if we did think there was an answer, how could we feel the ‘rightness’ of it once perceived? The Law of Correspondence enables man to search out truths from  the unknown. It helps us to understand the harmony, affinity and correspondence  between all the dimensions (frequencies ) in the universe.

By engaging the Law of Correspondence, we can start with a known and reason our way intelligently to the unknown. In nature, for example, we know that picking fruit from a pear tree produces more pears. We also know that if we cease to harvest the produce, the tree eventually stops bearing fruit. Cycles like this are commonly referred to as the laws of nature.  The wisdom and seasons of nature are accepted and, when understood,  allow us to cultivate orchards. Looking at how nature works, we could ponder: is there a similar correlation between these cycles in nature (the tree and the crops it bears) and our universe (mankind and the fruitage it produces)? By applying the Law of Correspondence to ourselves (as above, so below; as below, so above) we could consider that the more we use or give away of our creations and efforts, the more we will create or produce. Could this apply to love, money, knowledge, or even time? 

We can reason, as Hermes must have done, that if Correspondence is a principle of  the universe, it has laws which, when adhered to, govern its outcome. If we would like more love, more money, greater knowledge, more time, we must first recognize the abundances in our lives (without comparing them to anything). We only need acknowledge that we have. Once acknowledged, we must go about giving lovingly of our time, money, knowledge, love, whatever. The amount of giving is not important. The consciousness behind the giving is.

Remember the first Hermetic law, the Law of Mentalism: “THE ALL [God] is Mind; the Universe is Mental.” THE ALL creates using Mind Substance. It is a process of multiplying, not dividing, in the higher levels. AS Above, creation multiplies itself into existence; AS Below, our efforts, love, time will also multiply themselves, IF we know and utilize these universal laws. 

According to The Kybalion, the Principle of Correspondence was considered the most important mental tool for the evolution of humanity.

The third Principle, as stated from The Kybalion by Three Initiates:


“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

This law really underscores what an amazing being Hermes the ‘Thrice Great’ must have been. The third Hermetic principle was written thousands of years ago, before the invention of high tech instrumentation. Modern science is constantly discovering  infinitesimal levels of vibration which imprint our present day (See String Theory and Unified Field research for examples.) Just think, if only a hundred years ago someone had claimed that the chair you were sitting on wasn’t really solid, you  would have thought him mentally  unbalanced. Now it is commonly accepted that that chair really is a teeming, vibrating collection of companionable atoms moving at a rate slow enough to appear solid. To the naked eye it may look solid but actually it is moving so rapidly that the appearance is static. If you look at an immobile wheel, then look at that same wheel moving at hundreds of rpm, both would appear stationary.

Vibration is the law that helps us to understand the various dimensions of existence. We are accustomed to thinking and speaking of the body, mind and spirit as aspects of ourselves.  These represent easily discerned examples of various dimensions and frequencies. Body is clear, we can see and feel it. We can accept through scientific  proof what we may not discern through our spiritual awareness … namely, that the body is made of huge numbers of vibrating atoms.

The mind, including thoughts, is also made of vibrating particles. Thoughts are not easily seen by most people since the rate of vibration is so rapid that they appear invisible. Some clairvoyants are able to see the thought form shapes which emanate from our minds as very fine vibrations, but one need not be clairvoyant to discern these thought  vibrations. For example: You’re feeling happy and walk into a room where two people have just had a heated argument; your happy feeling gradually slips away. Knowing the Law of vibration would help you identify that the atmosphere in the room is vibrating at a slower rate than you are. At this point, you can elect to not be affected by the denser vibration in the room and maintain your own  vibration  at the  higher rate.

The higher the rate of vibration, the less visible something is. The slower the vibratory rate, the denser the particles seem to be and the more visible they appear, until the eye discerns no movement at all. Looking at the example of water, ice and steam, you can see they are all the same in substance, H2O . To better understand the formula of H2O, we give the vibratory rates different names: water (medium speed rate), ice (slowest rate of the three), and steam (fastest rate of vibration).
The degrees of vibration characterize the dimensions by identifying different rates of vibration in an ascending and descending  scale. Dimension is a somewhat arbitrary delineation, but it is used here for the sake of understanding, to identify levels or planes of existence and how the energy of the plane presents itself. For example, the dimension or plane of THE ALL is the finest, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient vibration. THE ALL, God, Spirit is invisible, yet it permeates all substance in our cosmos … unseen, but discerned by every soul at some level of their being.

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