The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.Welcome to Gifts – Remembering the NOW

by Yolanda Zigarmi Martin

is the story of my personal spiritual journey. It’s included on this site because in many ways SRi picks up where Gifts left off. I think of it as an epilogue to the Epilogue.

Gifts chronicles the transition in consciousness from past life experiences to simultaneous existence. In our present Now, the delineations between past, present and future are fading … resulting in unfamiliar and uncomfortable spaces. What I mean to say is that the space you are occupying as you is in transition. Presently many of us are shifting in and out of time/space with a regularity that was an anomaly a generation ago. Perhaps you didn’t actually connect that momentary flash of something hitting your awareness as a step into simultaneous time. It may have felt like imagination but quite conceivably you were shifting in and out of time/space.

Reading Gifts could possibly ignite some inner circuitry and bring both remembrance and comfort to you during this transformational time.

Gifts is offered here for free download.

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