Introduction to the Seven Hermetic Laws

The Mind’s Eye

Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined how you’d like your life to be and found yourself actually ‘there’? You see and feel your body, your circumstances, hopes and dreams playing out in and as perfection. Then the phone rings and pow! You’re back in what you call ‘the real world.’

What if the ‘mind’s eye’ IS the real world. What if the phone ringing, and the circumstances of your  outer life, are the imagined world?

In the mind’s eye you are ever young, radiant, whole and divine. Nothing is hidden from you; all  wisdom, talent, all math and science are easily understood as you recognize yourself amalgamated into the patterns of all existence. ‘Fantasy,’ you think, ‘daydreams, a way to escape my life as ……….. (you may insert your name here).’

What if, through an act of heart-powered intention, you could  realize (‘download’) the truth intrinsic in the ‘Seven Hermetic Principles’? How then might the above paragraphs be viewed? You imagine your perfect existence as health, harmony, abundant prosperity, loving companionship, stimulating activity. You are creating that existence in your mind. You are employing the Law of Mentalism.

The phone ringing brought you out of that existence and back into your real world. Did you feel a sense of dropping down? When you were creating the mind’s eye reality, you had to step up your frequency to actually ‘feel’ the finer energies of the perfection you were building. You were vibrating (employing the Law of Vibration) at a higher frequency than you usually dwell in. The phone rang and caused you to slow down those vibrating particles of creation, dropping them and you  into a slower, denser energy pattern.

You may find yourself wondering, ‘How can I feel so free one moment and then, with just a phone ringing, lose it all?’ These two worlds seem so opposite. One is perfection; the other is fraught with obstacles, problems and limitation. They are two worlds, poles apart. You have become aware of the Law of Polarity. But how does that help? The Law of Polarity states: “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites …” Does that mean you should give up your mind’s eye world? Not necessarily. That is only half of what the Law of Polarity states. The rest is: “like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

Sometimes you can feel the rightness of the mind’s eye – it may seem to take you out, far out of the orbit of your everyday life. But then something happens that sends you swinging almost as far out of orbit in the other direction. What if you recognize this as the Law of Rhythm, and you actually trust what it states: “… the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” When you realize this, you do not try to control the swing. Instead, you remember that the mind’s eye reality is where you prefer to live, move and have your being. Then you begin to slow down the pendulum swing by using your mind to raise your focus to a sense of inner quiet, and the radical left to right swinging gives way to the gentle undulating waves of order in your mind. In this way, you allow time to bring yourself back to the sense of the mind’s eye reality.

Part of you believes the real world has demands and the mind’s eye just isn’t real enough to pay the bills and get the work done. That is what you tell yourself over and over again. But remember, through your focused intention you have ‘downloaded’ the Seven Laws and understand them. So … what’s wrong with this picture? The Law of Cause and Effect is in play. You are your own creator (through Mind as Matter); you are the cause of  your remaining locked into a life of struggle, limitation and unchanging possibilities. Can you hear yourself saying (silently or aloud), ‘I must live in the real world; the mind’s eye world isn’t possible’? When you do this, you set into motion the effect of what you imagine the real world to be like and how out of reach the mind’s eye world is. You cause the effects of your thoughts to manifest as your life. Now what?

This is an orderly universe. With the new technology available, scientists can capture pictures of atoms in chaos and actually see the order and beauty inherent there. (Check out Leadership and the New Science by Margaret J. Wheatley.) In the Hermetic teachings, that which gives order, life and meaning is “THE ALL,” or the Mind of God, referred to in the Kybalion as MENTALISM. THE ALL created the universe from ITS mind substance; that is how the Creator creates. Throughout the ages avatars have told humanity that it is made in the image and likeness of its creator. If the universe is a creation of divine thought (how THE ALL creates), then through the Law of Correspondence (“As above; so below”) we may extrapolate: Our thoughts create our world; mind forms matter. We all create; we carve out our lives from our thoughts, which become actions, which become our lives. BUT FIRST that life existed in our mind. Our mind generates the quality, quantity, frequency, rhythm, cause and effect of what we call our real world.

Let’s go back to the vision in your mind’s eye: a perfect existence as health, harmony, abundant prosperity, loving companionship, stimulating activity. It is an ideal that is possible, within reach. The possibility exists as/through the Law of Gender. You  first embrace the inspirational energy and vision of that ideal, the Feminine nature of creation. Hold that inspiration in your heart, loving its infinite possibilities, nurturing the feelings of wholeness and divinity that it generates within you. Slowly (maybe suddenly for some), by using focused thought, you stamp your committed intention into what you call the real world .... and everything changes …. yet, nothing has changed.

Remember the Law of Polarity: “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” Consider a propeller spinning at such a high speed that it looks like it is not there. You can see no blades, no thick or dense material used to make it up; it has no size, shape or depth. As the propeller spins at a slower speed, however, you can see that it’s made of four blades; it has color, texture and shape. AND it is still the same propeller, the same energy that seemed invisible when it was vibrating at a different frequency.

What you were looking at as opposites, the mind’s eye reality and the real world reality, are the same energy but at different degrees of vibration. The mind’s eye reality is vibrating at a highly refined frequency. Living in the mind’s eye reality, you see your life through the frequency of a high spin. You no longer see the imperfection in your fellow beings; you see only the perfect spin of light and information and love. You see only what THE ALL sees, and that becomes your world; you may be walking, talking and working in a world where the propellers spin slowly enough to appear shiny or dirty, defective or smooth, dense and separate. But appearance doesn’t matter to you, because the only matter you are creating is the perfect matter of the mind’s eye reality.

It’s still your same life as the real world life … only it’s moved along the pole (Polarity) toward the mind’s eye reality; it’s the same energy, the energy of ‘your life,’ vibrating (Vibration) at the high frequency end of your creative mind (Mentalism].

MENTALISM: Mind forms matter; if something is the matter with your life, change what matters.

CORRESPONDENCE: Whatever any being on Earth has accomplished or will accomplish, you may do also. (As above; so below.) Your highest ideal is only a remembrance of what has been and is possible for all.

VIBRATION: Raising your vibration by lifting your heart, mind and passion higher than your sense of limitation will change your viewpoint. What you see as your world when you view your life from a horizontal viewpoint is far more limiting than if you looked at that same life from a vertical viewpoint. (Imagine looking at the horizon from a valley or from a mountain top.)

POLARITY: Whatever is happening in your life, it is only a plotting along a continuum. Decide where you’d like to plot yourself on this polarity ………. then go there.

RHYTHM: Decide not to involve yourself personally in the drama of your life; view it from a higher frequency and wait for the pendulum’s swing to begin to still itself before taking action.

CAUSE AND EFFECT: Nothing matters unless you make it matter. You are the cause that creates the effect of your personal life. THE ALL is the only CAUSE – remember, at the frequency of THE ALL the EFFECT is Perfection.

GENDER: Feminine – engage your inspiration, nurture your ideal, dreams, hopes and imagination. Masculine – when it feels right, empower your inspiration with the energy of your passion and focused thought, release it out into the world …. create.

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