Body Wise - Are you IN or are you OUT?

Have you ever:
  • stopped at a red light one minute and suddenly realize horns are blaring at you? Light’s green ………… been green for a bit.
  • walked into a room and can’t remember what you came for?
  • ‘forgotten’ that your knee is throbbing with pain?
  • experienced mind scatter – thoughts darting here, there, everywhere?
  • heard someone talking to you, you know the meaning of each word, but you can’t string them together to make sense?

The list could go on and on. No doubt a large number of the population would put these and other symptoms down to aging (it actually begins at birth and you’re too young to be old), to pre-Alzheimer’s (but you’re only 30), to a possible brain tumor (guess that’s a possibility). Actually, there is a far less dire explanation and one that is certainly more plausible for most people on the planet at this time. That is, we are not fully occupying our bodies. Is that even possible? Indeed it is, and as the going gets tough energetically, many of us actually leave our bodies by withdrawing energetic awareness from it and going to dwell in other frequencies.  How does that work?

Consider that each major energy frequency has a corresponding vehicle or form. The physical frequency uses the physical body; the emotional frequency has its own ‘form’ or body, as does the mental and spiritual. (Take a look at the Unified Chakra Meditation and explanation.) As you can imagine, each of these body frequencies has its own comfort zone. Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate this is ‘daydreaming.’ That’s a comfort zone for the mental body. Haven’t most of us escaped into daydreams at various times in our lives? Have you ever had a painful limb, throbbing headache or annoying itchy rash? Ever notice that there can be blocks of time (granted maybe only seconds or minutes) when you are not aware of the discomfort because you are thinking about something else?  You see a poster for Italy and just for a moment you are there. You see yourself watching as the Arno ambles under the Ponte Vecchio, the scent of fresh bread, basil and pungent olive oil filling your nostrils, and the musical sounds of Italian in your ears. There are no physical body awarenesses disturbing your ‘trip.’ Where did the limb pain, the headache, the annoying itch go? Perhaps a few questions would be in order: Where did you go? Are you coming back soon? Did you even know that you were gone? Oh, and what happens when you are gone?

Let’s see:

Where did you go?  Not entirely out of your physical body, but far enough to be considered MIA – missing in action in that you are not present in the act of your life as a physical being.

Are you coming back soon?  Most of us do come back … sooner or later. Many of those who don’t come back are often institutionalized and labeled schizophrenic, or insane. These are terms that history (maybe even Webster) will redefine as: ‘Those beings who choose a reality out of the consensus; often highly imaginative and extremely sensitive to the higher, finer energy frequencies; large numbers of these beings are far above the average intelligence of the human race.’

Did you even know that you were gone? Many, maybe most of us don’t realize when we have gone missing from our bodies. In fact, those who spend the major part of their lives in intellectual pursuits, analytical thought, areas where emotional and physical activity are at a minimum, don’t consider the body until it intrudes with annoying needs like food or water, or a toothache demanding attention. This group lives almost entirely in the mental body.

Those who spend time in the emotional dramas of daily living – being ‘up’ one minute and ‘down’ the next, living from one emotional stimulation to the next – spend most of their lives in the emotional body, not the physical. When challenged with physical concerns, i.e. illness, the attention moves to the emotional component of the disease. The emotions become the star of one’s life, using the physical condition as its backdrop. In other words, one’s awareness is transferred almost entirely to the emotions, leaving the physical body only vaguely occupied.

What happens when you are gone?   Simply put, it is like leaving your home with the door wide open.   The physical body is ‘home’ to your consciousness while you are on Earth. Where would you live if you didn’t have a body to occupy? The physical body is a multifamily-plus-visitors dwelling. It is your body, but it also houses, among other things, ancestral energies such as inherited traits, genetic encoding, conditions, expectations and belief systems (many or most of which are not examined), cultural beliefs, misinformation, religious and peer beliefs, myths and unexamined non-truths. These are just a sampling … does it seem a bit crowded in your home? It is your home, you make the choices, the decisions. Or do you? 

If you do not occupy your body, all these live-in relatives and visitors have the run of the house. What happens when you return home? You may find new aches and pains, annoying fixations and patterns of thought that keep circulating and interfering with your inner peace. You may even find yourself moving toward behaviors and/or choices you would prefer not to.

There was a time in the 20th century (and even though it was only a decade in counting time, it was eons ago in energy changes) when not occupying one’s body was desirable.  Meditation, chanting, incense-burning, dancing and drumming, and of course drugs were methods to help one leave the body to experience finer/higher dimensions. Many did have experiences of spiritual opening under these conditions. But always, one had to return to the body and face life as a human being. It seems to me that things have shifted upward for humanity and we are now being asked to meditate, chant, dance and drum in order to shift the atoms of our physical bodies into the levels of awareness that cannot be reached by leaving it. In other words, we must be in the present in order to move into wakefulness. If that is so, we must first be aware of when we are not in our physical bodies and not integrated with our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. How to do that is to be alert for those moments when we become aware that we are not ‘here.’ When we begin to catalog those moments (and see how often we are MIA), we can then begin to consciously change that pattern.  

Consider using one or all of the Body Wise Techniques  to help you stay present when you realize you have been out of touch with your physical self. And remember, it’s your body, don’t leave home without it. 

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