Chakras are an integral part of the physics of transformation. Think of it this way. One day your life is making sense, you’re happy, successful, contented. And then, everything starts to change … beginning, of course, with you. Things that entertained you no longer hold your attention, people you could talk with no longer ’speak your language.’ You can’t remember anyone telling you that there was a 'right in the middle of my comfortable life puberty stage.' Welcome to spiritual transformation on planet Earth.

Transformation, even at the best of times, is unbalancing and to some extent unpredictable. You could drug yourself and hopefully sleep through the worst of it (although you’d miss the best part) or you could find ways to help balance and enjoy the process of wakefulness. One of these ways is the Unified Chakra Meditation.

The Unified Chakra Meditation is a representation of the multidimensionality of an awakening human … that’s you. I believe one of its purposes is to balance and activate what may be called 'Soul DNA.’ That term may sound daunting, especially since we haven’t figured out Physical DNA yet, but the good news is: Soul DNA has figured us out. It is the blueprint of our perfection, and it will do everything. All we need to do is stay in our physical body until we are one with our Lightbody. This meditation assists in your transformational process into Light. How does that work? Doing this meditation allows you to handle any amount of energy through the physical form without damage because the entire field holds the energy.

This activation process is preparation for the interfacing of Physical body with Spiritual body. It is a requirement if we are to bring ‘heaven to earth’ in this evolutionary shift toward wakeful living. The resulting ‘growth spurts’ activated by Soul DNA are aided in balancing themselves by funneling the energies through the Heart Chakra (long considered the seat of the Soul or the seat of Inner Wisdom).

The non-physical chakras (8 through14) begin to be stimulated through the Alpha-Omega connection (check out Chakras Overview). This then signals the body to activate grids or connection points on and around the physical form. Think of physical DNA circuitry as being similar to hormone development as we grow, while the grids represent Soul DNA circuitry. As hormones activate at certain levels of our growth physically, so it is with the higher chakras. At a certain level of spiritual ‘ripeness’ (could be eons … don’t despair … we were all given a boost at the start of the new millennium), Soul DNA activates multidimensional capabilities. It does this by using the chakra system to pass light/energy through these higher centers which act as transformers.

Using the Unified Chakra Meditation is an accessible way to gain a semblance of order during this re-construction period.  I'm using the word re-construction because we have always been this multidimensional, brilliant being who is now 'getting turned on' cosmically.  We are not 'becoming' something we were not, we're simply re-membering back to the ONE we are.

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