Life on Planet Earth

by Yolanda Zigarmi Martin

Unfortunately, life on Earth doesn’t equip us with an instruction/maintenance manual, so we must figure it out as we go. It’s a rather daunting task at times, but it’s helpful to understand that life, its creation and ongoing-ness, is governed by creative principles.

An analogy that works for me is the principle of mathematics, which includes how simple arithmetic works. Remember when you first learned how to multiply? If you tried to learn by rote memory, you realized that that method sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. It was well and good if you remembered correctly that 8 x 7 = 56, but what if your memory was ‘off’ and gave you the wrong answer? Pulling out your computer or calculator wasn’t always an option so, unless you learned the basic multiplication principle, you most likely had to guess.

So it is with the flows of life. Sometimes we’re in the flow and sometimes not. Life, like math, will always give us the ‘right’ answers when we understand and operate within the creative principles. The following illustrations might be helpful in gaining insight and possiblly a realization (made real to you as a truth) of these principles:



Everything begins and ends with I AM (another name for God, Infinite Invisible, Source, etc.). I AM, existing as wholeness and perfection, decides to experience Itself by radiating and extending a part of Its awareness far away from Itself, circumscribing an arena for the experience of the sense of separation. The I AM then projects this aspect of Itself into the center of the arena, represented by the zero point in the circle, a place where time and space and I AM are eternally and perfectly integrated, or attuned.

From this perspective, the I AM is aware of the limitations of time and space but is not actually 'experiencing' them. This may be thought of as awareness without action. The I AM decides that awareness alone is not interesting enough and that it might be more creative to actually play in and with time and space.


How does the I AM experience Itself within the confines of this arena? How far from zero point can It extend and still feel Its wholeness? And for how long can this experience continue? These questions exist only in time and space.  Distance, time, space are I AM’s tools for ‘seeing’ Itself from an illusionary perspective of being outside of Itself.

I AM prepares for experiencing Itself in self-imposed limitation by creating individual identities. This is done through ‘layering’ of what may be called ‘lifetimes,’ depicted by the delineated areas around the arena’s perimeter (energetic parentheses defining capsules of seemingly separate experiences in time and space).  Note that the circle is not broken or disturbed by the parentheses.


In order to enjoy individuality in time and space, I AM creates pie-slice theaters by drawing vector points from Itself to the farthest perimeter parentheses. There are an infinite number of these vectors layered in frequency, vibrational, and dimensional intensity.  

As you look at the circle now, imagine that one of the pie-slices represents your individual lifetime – now. Let’s call this your I AM Presence, another name for the name you are called in this lifetime. Notice that you (your present pie-slice) are always connected to I AM,which allows you access to all that It is. Nothing can separate you from I AM. Even though it is true you may feel separate at times, that sense of separation is an illusion. I AM is infinite and eternal, and so is your I AM Presence.



During your individual lifetime, you experience varying degrees of Wholeness (illustrated by the shading above). Looking at this illustration as a flat one dimensional  representation, you’ll see that when you are in your particular pie-slice life, you have little or no awareness of the other slices of life going on around the circle.   Your viewpoint is basically horizontal and limited to what is in front, behind, or on the side of you.

A soul may incarnate anywhere within a chosen pie-slice, meaning closer or further away from center. In the course of a lifetime it may move away from center toward the rim and back and forth, as it gains confidence in its spiritual roots and expands consciousness. The further away from the center of the circle you move, the more disconnected you will feel from your spirituality. What is sometimes referred to as ‘the dark night of the soul’ can be descriptive of a soul migrating toward the rim of the circle and away from the Light of the I AM. The closer to the I AM, the less sense of separation there is.

As you continually choose to migrate toward the center (I AM), you feel more and more attuned to the Divinity of your I AM Presence. And, as you actually ‘touch’ the center, you experience Wholeness. Notice that as the pie-slice narrows toward the Light, the distance between abutting ‘pie-slice lives’ lessens. The closer to your pure light you move, the easier it is to access information, talents and memories of your I AM’s adventures in time and space. Once in that Light, you are able to feel and know the unbroken ongoing-ness of life. This may be described as ‘enlightenment.’ For most of us, it is a momentary flash of awareness in which everything changes.  It drives us to continually choose toward the greater light of our being, until we recognize that there never was, nor could there ever be, anything separate from the I that I AM. To put it another way:

 I  am (your name goes here), and I AM that I AM.


Taking a dimensional viewpoint of your pie-slice may help you navigate ways to notice and interact with other aspects of I AM, which are multidimensional and existing simultaneously in ‘other’ time-space frames. Such a perspective can: bring a deeper appreciation and understanding to your present experiences; amplify awareness of your inner abilities; and, deepen levels of compassion, tolerance and inter-connectedness.

Gaining a vertical viewpoint of your existence allows you to consider the Divinity of your many lives existing in different times, places, cultures, races and religions. This vantage point, reached through the field of the heart before it is interpreted by the mind, will create in you a greater capacity for benevolence and allowance within human diversity. The far-reaching ramifications of this expansion benefit not only the personal self but the human collective as well.

The genesis of all creation is Love, which is a state of being – not an emotion. Love will light and support your journey in every circumstance, situation or challenge you may encounter as you learn to accept the fullness, beauty, strength, purity and sacredness of your wholeness. To create a better world, simply know your Self.

Click here for a meditation that may be helpful in developing a relationship with the vastness of your individual and immortal light. 


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