Morphic Field and Morphic Resonance

by Yolanda Zigarmi Martin

Even though ‘morphic’ is an ancient Greek word (meaning form), the term ‘morphic field’ is a new one, coined by biologist and writer Rupert Sheldrake. ( ) It is through Sheldrake’s research and writings that morphic field resonance has gained notoriety and acceptance in many related fields of science and parapsychology.

What is it?

The morphic field, is an energy field created and added to by resonance. All consciousness has a form and every form creates an energy resonance within and around it. In this context, resonance refers to not only physical forms but to thoughts, behaviors, cultures, collectives, etc., which vibrate in sympathy with each other. This sympathetic resonance actually increases the intensity of that vibration.

Resonance is what generates and shapes a morphic field.  A morphic field can be likened to a habit, a building of energy around something by doing the same thing over and over. We can create powerful habits by using energy (focused or casual) to strengthen anything we choose. Most spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical writings teach the concept of an energy resonance field. Now, there is scientific research to add efficacy to what the ancient wisdoms have known for centuries. An energy resonance field can:

·       be built upon;

·       establish characteristics;

·       be strengthened by repetitious actions and/or thoughts; and

·       be added to by others of similar resonance, thus generating and integrating new information and variety within the field of that form, and making it easier to access information when stepping into that field.

So, learning something new becomes easier once others have learned it because of the accumulated resonance (morphic resonance), which creates an energy field (morphic field).

What is the value of knowing about a morphic field?

Evolution itself has a morphic field. Over the last few decades, the drive towards making our planet a safe, harmonious and connected environment for all  inhabitance has escalated. We see evidence of this in concern for our ecosystem, heightened awareness of global warming, support for the global aid that flows to disaster areas all over the planet, etc. We can also see our planetary morphic field expanding through the broad spectrum of techniques, supplements, information and new science that is reaching people planet-wide, as well as the growing numbers of people who are willing to talk openly about spiritual issues and experiences.

Have you heard or read of people talking and writing about critical mass regarding the planet’s ability to survive possible distressful and disastrous conditions? Critical mass is a morphic field. In the context of this article, it is an energy resonance grouped around spiritual wakefulness, inclusive action and compassionate understanding for the collective called humanity. When the morphic field is strong enough, it will tip the scale of human conduct to such a degree that behaviors like greed, suppression, carelessness for life and judgments will no longer have energetic support.

Being healthy in our bodies and minds, as well as in our feeling nature, is catalytic to planetary critical mass development. A basic knowledge of the morphic resonance and the morphic field can enhance our understanding and/or experience.   As we individually clear stuck places in our bodies, minds and emotional selves, we add to the positive resonance of the planetary morphic field.

How does it work?

Imagine you want to try something new – yoga, speaking French, Pilates, meditation. How can the morphic field help? Every modality has a blossoming resonance which you can take advantage of by consciously connecting to its morphic field. In doing so, its benefits will be amplified for you as you vibrate, or resonate, with the information held within its field.

For example, let’s say you have never meditated and decide you’d like to start. You might begin by sitting in a comfortable chair and getting physically acclimated. Or, highly likely, you sit in your comfortable chair (the one you often doze in while watching TV) and promptly drop off to sleep. Later you find yourself thinking: “Perhaps meditation isn’t for me after all.” That would be a good time to remember the power of a morphic field.

What if you were to try a different environment – a yoga center or meditation center, for example? Most likely, you would find yourself experiencing a level of meditation. The reason, in part, is that you put yourself into a resonance with an established energy field that holds the frequency of quiet, contemplation and relaxation. Steeping yourself in that resonance, you have availed yourself of the collective energy regarding the appreciation and understanding of meditation. The resonance of all the people at that center who meditate have developed an energy resonance – a morphic field – of buoyant calm that can palpably shift you into moments of inner quiet.

Just as the yoga center created a morphic field to support meditation, your comfortable chair at home has a morphic field as well. When you sit in that chair and feel yourself settling into a comfortable attitude, you energetically add to the resonance field of that chair. Over time, you may notice that whenever you sit in your chair you automatically relax and soon fall asleep. The kind of field built around that chair probably isn’t the most supportive for your first sojourn into meditation.

Simply being aware that there IS a field of resonance built by a form or an idea allows you to ‘step into’ that field and resonate with its history and  characteristics, all of which have been added to over time by countless people and situations. This represents a large body of information available to you at your convenience and totally free of charge.

What do you have to do to ‘resonate’ with a morphic field?

Simply get in synch with whatever you are focusing on. It may help to imagine two guitars next to each other. If someone plucks the ‘A’ string on one guitar, it will start to vibrate, and the ‘A’ string on the other guitar will begin to vibrate in shared resonance. The second guitar doesn’t have to ‘do’ anything; it just needs to be near enough to the first guitar to ‘feel’ the vibration of the ‘A’ string. That’s it … you can put yourself in a  morphic field through your intent and or your affinity for the form or the idea, and then be open to what flows to you.

Think about the possibilities – think learning through osmosis. Did you ever wish you could just ‘get’ what was being taught or what you were reading without so much mental struggle? Understanding morphic resonance and how the morphic field is formed, and recognizing their availability, can be useful in enhancing your understanding of and reception to any modality, whether it be healing, discipline, mathematics, psychology … ad infinitum.

How can you lightly explore the concept of a morphic field?

Here are some ideas:

  • The Dog Whisperer’s Morphic Field

You can get help training your dog by tapping into Cesar Millan’s (the Dog Whisperer) and his dogs’ huge morphic field. When Caesar brings a dog needing discipline to his rehab center, that animal becomes steeped in the energy of safety, order and trust, which Caesar and his dogs have created. One way to access this canine morphic field is to focus on what you’d like to accomplish by connecting with the dog rehabilitation center. Holding one of Cesar’s books in your hand can connect you to this energetic help. (That’s right, you may get into a morphic resonance field by holding something that has been ‘charged’ with that resonance.) Have your dog watch TV  programs with you that deal with dog training and behavior, while you hold the intent of a well-trained dog and knowledge of a morphic field in your awareness.

  • The History of Reiki and Masters Morphic Field

You are going for a Reiki treatment tomorrow. Let yourself begin to resonate with the purpose and people who have developed this healing method through the decades. You don’t have to ‘know’ anything, just have the intent to be open. During your Reiki treatment, remember that you are now open to the morphic field of this method. Then, just notice what you notice (a truly brilliant phrase borrowed from Dr. Richard Bartlett).

  • The Modern Art Conundrum

You don’t like or ‘get’ modern/contemporary art; in fact, you might even say that it doesn’t resonate with you at all. As an experiment, intend to be open-minded and allow yourself to become aware of examples of modern art in your environment, things like modern buildings/architecture, prints on the walls of offices and restaurants. (Take special notice of the ones you really don’t like.) Go to a bookstore and browse the art section for books on modern art. Pick one up and flip the pages, only allowing your eye to catch the color and shape of things on the pages. Go on the Internet and do the same thing. If you feel inclined, you might also read about any of the art or artists you’ve noticed. Have fun with this, but remember to stay open-minded … you’re just looking, not critiquing. Do this for a few consecutive days. Wait a day or two and then go back (still with an open mind) and really look at some of the art and artists you didn’t like before you started your journey into the morphic field.  You may be surprised at your reactions!


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The Physics of Miracles: Tapping into the Field of Consciousness Potential by Richard Bartlett


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