The way to wakefulness: Do not compare, Do not judge, Release the need to understand.



The intention of is to aid and support each other as we access our spiritual resources. Its purpose is to encourage all in the process of remembering that we are spiritual beings … having a human experience.

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 Herein lies the tragedy of the age:

Not that men are poor – all men know something of poverty;

Not that men are wicked – who is good?

   Not that men are ignorant – what is truth? 

Nay, but that men know so little of men.                                  


                                                                             The Soul of Black Folk

                                                                                 W.E.B. Du Bois







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For brief reminders during transformational periods see NEW blog posting: MERRILY MERRILY DOWN THE STREAM LIFE IS BUT A DREAM

For symptoms of being MIA (missing in action) in your daily life and how to anchor in the physical body, take a look at Body Wise and Body Wise Techniques.

Interested in exploring instant healing possibilities?   Get acquainted with the ‘new’ sciences of Quantum Physics, Quantum Field, Quantum Healing, Quantum Living

Meet some people and their life changing work –interesting, helpful, magical and playful.

Cynthia Francis Bacon – Author and developer of The Methodology of
Shakti Lifestreams,
a multi level course that teaches you access to the Quantum Field.                                           

RichardBartlett – creator of Matrix Energetics and author of The Physics of Miracles.

Frank Kinslow – developer of Quantum Entrainment and author The Secrets of Instant Healing

Margaret  J. Wheatley – Author of  Leadership and The New Science  beautifully presented and readable

Fred Alan Wolf – Physics professor,  author of many books, look at 
Dr. Quantum’s Little Book of Big Ideas (where science meets spirit).                              



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